Homeopathy in Ripon & Harrogate

What is it?

Homeopathic remedies

It is an effective system of healing which assists the natural tendency of the body to heal itself. It recognises that the symptoms of ill health are ways that the body is trying to communicate that there is something wrong and that it is the whole person who needs treatment, not the disease.

Homeopathy is tailor made and unique to you and the way your illness is affecting you.

You will receive a remedy that is individualised to how you experience the condition and this is likely to be different to the way that a friend or even family member would experience that same condition. Think about what you need when you have a cold or flu, and what your friends would need? Warm drinks, cold drinks? Wrapped up in blanket or kicking the covers off? Lots of company and sympathy, or left alone? Warm room or windows open? These some of the things that are unique to you, unlike the label of the disease, such as flu, or aches and pains and a high temperature, which is common to everyone who has it.

Scientifically it can not yet be explained precisely how homeopathy works but it is believed that a carefully selected remedy acts as a trigger to the body's healing process. For more details on research evidence, please see the Society of Homeopaths or Faculty of Homeopathy.

The History

Homeopathic treatment is tailor made and unique to you!

Homeopathy means "similar suffering", it describes the type of medicine that homeopaths use. When we go to a doctor we are given a medicine based on "opposites". This system dates back to ancient Greece and Hippocrates. If we can't sleep, we get something that will make us go to sleep, if we have a runny nose from Hayfever, we will be given we will be given something that will dry it up. If we have diarrhoea, we get something that bungs us up. But Hippocrates also discovered another way of treating people, which he also used, based on similars not opposites.

homeopathic liquid remedy

In 1796, Samuel Hahnemann, a German doctor, rediscovered Hippocrates work and developed homeopathy. He used medicines made from substances that can cause the symptoms of an illness in a healthy person. He used one remedy only at one time. He diluted medicines until they had only the healing properties and none of the side effects, he gave small doses, only repeating them until it started the process of the body healing itself.

What does Homeopathy do?

A homeopath gives small amounts of a medicine, or remedy as we call it. Usually only two or three pilules, just to start the process. It is aimed at the body healing itself. When we are ill, our body is often stuck doing something that was designed to help the body get well, but then it gets stuck in a pattern and it forgets to go back to where it should be.

health with homeopathy

Normally our bodies can heal themselves. Here are a couple of simple examples. If we eat something bad, we throw up to get rid of it, then we might have diarrhoea to get rid of the rest. Then we go to sleep and should wake up feeling better. If we carry on feeling lousy something is stuck in the wrong pattern. If a child is teething, there is an increased blood supply to carry the nutrients to make the new teeth. This causes inflammation and pain. But the pain should subside quickly and return to normal when the tooth emerges.

Return to Balance

As homeopaths, we believe the body produces symptoms to tell us that something is out of balance. When the balance is restored, the body no longer needs to produce symptoms.

Can Homeopathy help you?

Work Life Balance

Homeopathy is safe and gentle. It treats the person rather than the condition or "disease", so it has the potential to help patients with a wide range of conditions, both acute and chronic. Illness commonly seen in the clinic include recurrent infections (such as colds, tonsillitis, cystitis), skin conditions, menstrual and menopausal problems, chronic fatigue, migraine, stress related conditions like anxiety and insomnia.The stresses of everyday living can weaken your resistance to illness. Some people like use Homeopathy to minimise the way the body reacts to the stresses of life and the environment and so keep illness at bay.

Homeopathy and children

homeopath for mother and child

Childrens' conditions are often seen in the clinic. From minor problems such as colic and teething to allergic disorders such as asthma and eczema or even complex emotional ailments such as confidence issues and attention deficit disorder.

Because homeopathic medicines are non-toxic, there are no side effects and they are safe even for pregnant women and babies.1


  1. Dantas F, Rampes H. Do homeopathic medicines provoke adverse effects? A systematic review. Br Hom J, 2000; 89: 35-8


I contacted several homeopaths when I decided to try some complementary therapy alongside standard medical treatment for a chronic auto immune condition. I liked Claire's friendly but professional manner from the start, and the fact that she was happy to work alongside the mainstream treatment I was having, so I chose to work with her.

My initial meeting with Claire was over 90 minutes long and very in depth. She asked questions around my physical/ mental/ emotional health and created a safe space for me to discuss any issues arising. It was clear that Claire would be treating the whole person, and that she was very interested in trying to identify the underlying causes of my condition, as well as the symptoms.

Since then I have seen Claire monthly – most appointment last for 45-60 minutes. I never feel rushed, she takes a genuine interest and extensive notes/photos of any changes, and then creates the right prescription based on the latest symptoms – and most importantly the remedies she has prescribed have helped me to manage my symptoms enormously.

My husband – who was initially rather sceptical about complementary medicine - has been amazed by the huge improvements he has seen in my condition since I have been seeing Claire too. I myself am very impressed by homeopathy and by Claire's thorough approach to helping me and intend to use her for other health issues within my family as and when the need arises.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Claire – her manner is caring and professional, her knowledge is in depth and her determination to root out the solution to a difficult and rare health issue has led me to compare her to a medical Sherlock Holmes!

S.F. July 2016

At the age of 6 months my daughter Elizabeth developed terrible eczema and Urticaria. She was also diagnosed with several food allergies. The only conventional medicine to provide any relief was steroid cream. This obviously was not a long term answer.

This led me to look into homeopaths practising in Harrogate and I chose Claire. Since then:

1. Elizabeth's skin has improved dramatically with the homeopathic remedies prescribed.

2. I have received so much help, support and advice from Claire when I have needed it. She talks through everything thoroughly with me.

3. I know I made the right choices as Elizabeth and I are much calmer and I would recommend her to anyone!

Becky Holman Jan 2011
Drawing by homeopathy client

I have three children, all wonderful, but with ailments. Conventional medicine seemed the only step to take, but with the amounts of steroids increasing and the relief they brought decreasing, I feel that if it continued like this, the long term effects on their little bodies wouldn't be good.

After my two and a half year old daughter's fifth trip to hospital unable to breathe, I heard about Claire. We made an appointment and were very impressed with her warm, professional manner. I made a follow up appointment and also a first appointment for my son.

We came every month. Claire would listen and prescribe. Then I would phone her after a week to let her know how my children had reacted to their remedies. She would then assess and advise. If either of them got very poorly I could ring for advice and received such wonderful support that never happens from the 10 minutes you get from a conventional doctor.

Now my daughter has not had a hospital admission for 2½ years and has been discharged from the eczema unit at the hospital and can at last go swimming and wear short sleeves. My son is off the steroid inhalers and his mood swings and tantrums are less frequent and much more manageable. School have reported such a positive difference and his teacher now keeps notes that would be useful for Claire to hear in his next appointments.

Homeopathy isn't instant and it does need greater input from parent and patient of symptoms when they occur and what is also happening around that time in order to prescribe the correct remedy, but when it works the results are amazing and I know I am giving my child's body the best building blocks to help them to grow into happy healthy adults.

Eirene Watson