Homeopathy first aid kit

You might like to put together a homeopathic first aid kit. There are two types of kit you can consider:

  • A family first aid kit that is useful for all ages, for first aid and the sort of things that might occur when on holiday.
  • A starter kit for children which has fewer remedies, but is aimed at the sort of ailments you might encounter with babies and children.

Both kits contain remedies you should be able to purchase at your local pharmacies. I've given you highlights of what the remedy is useful for, and the reason you might want to include it in your home kit, although there is much more to know about what each remedy is useful for.

There are also some commercially available kits from recognised homeopathic pharmacies, such as:

  • Ainsworths. These are really good starter kits. Although it says these kits are not available in the UK, you can purchase them by phoning the company on. 01883 340 332.
  • Helios

If you want to purchase a book to help increase your knowledge, here are some suggestions of good books to start you off:

I also run beginners' courses for people who are interested in finding out more about homeopathy and how to use it in their home. The next one will be in May, contact me for details.